Dating Diaries: The Phantom Professional

If there were ever a dating profile that screamed, “I am a big douche bag” with flashing neon lights, this one was it.  It was his sheer cockiness that drew me in.  And it was not the attraction that normally draws you to someone, but rather the pure challenge of being able to knock this guy off his high horse.  He was a professional with a Master’s degree which made it all the more enticing.  Any other day of the week, I would have scoffed at this guy and thought “LOSER” – but I thought at the least I’d have some fun.

It ultimately got to the point of exchanging numbers.  Specifically referring to his profile about how he wants to meet someone as “good looking” as he was, I got bold one day and said, “So when are we going to meet to see who is better looking?”  So he then asked for my phone number.  I told him right up front my impression of him.

phantom 1

I gave this guy shit for days, trying to push his buttons.  One of my friends at work was reading through the conversation and laughing hysterically.  She said, “I love how you are just abusing this guy and he keeps coming back for more.”  He seemed to love it.

phantom 2

I found out what he did for work, and he had a very respectable job.  I was trying to inadvertently dig for little pieces of information to figure out who he really was.  This is usually VERY EASY for me as my career is centered on protecting people from identity theft scams.  So as far as finding out information, I know how to get it and where to look.  I see the best con artists out there on the Internet every day.  With that said, this guy was tough, and I couldn’t figure out who he was.

Now you must note, I told him what I do for a living, and we even had a whole conversation about it.  So if this guy was real, he would have known that if someone was going to call bullshit on him, it WOULD BE ME.  So as I am essentially defeated at this point and pissed at myself for failing to pinpoint his true identity, I come right out and ask him for his last name.  He gives it to me.


I put my highly advanced investigative skills to work and call the bastard right out.  You can’t beat this!!  It actually excites me to go on treasure hunts for information.  So I start the search.  I throw random questions at him, and I ultimately find a guy that fits most of what he has told me, including running for mayor of his town.  I get on Facebook, and this guy is NOT the guy I have been talking to.  Besides looking nothing like him, the real guy is happily married with two teenagers, unlike what the phantom has revealed about his own self.


phantom 3

As you probably guessed, I never got a response.  I don’t think I need to even reveal the moral of the story here.  But for all you guys and gals out there who might need it spelled out for you:  DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON PEOPLE!  Some of you reading this are likely either saying I’m smart or I’m crazy.  Call it crazy if you’d like, but as a single mother, I can’t afford to put myself in situations that could put me or my family at risk.  So you are damned sure that I am going to make sure you are who you say you are.



12 thoughts on “Dating Diaries: The Phantom Professional

  1. Yeah seriously, I don’t know how people don’t expect to be googled nowadays. Especially the image search stuff from dating sites – it’s so easy to figure out if someone is using fake pictures or something that way.

    • The only person I made the mistake of NOT Googling turned out to be my narcissist – a wife beating, child abuser, convicted felon, tax evading, bankrupt degenerate. 🙂 All public records…not just me talking shit.

  2. I definitely did my research on the guy I went on a date with from Tinder. Fortunately he was pretty well known and everything turned out okay.

  3. Chrome browser – right click on “search Google for this image” always throws up interesting results. Once you get a name or other pics, away you go…happy trails…my NutSlut experience pertains, your honor.

  4. I did my homework and i still got a dodgy loser, if he had been convicted of a crime then maybe the story would be different. He told me enough of the truth to make me think it was all the truth. I told him when we first dated that i had and he had huge paranoia over it, even accusing me of being an undercover cop! LOL!
    I do wish id listened to my inner voice though as i did hear it telling me something was wrong but thats done now, moving on, lesson learned

    • Sounds like a sick bastard I dated for a year. Lol. He told me just enough information to make me think it was the truth because I was saying to myself that it had to be true because why would anyone tell me this stuff upfront. Did my investigation way too late in the game unfortunately.

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