Dating Diaries: The NHL Guy

What a more perfect time for NHL guy to reappear than during the Stanley Cup.  I met him last May.  He told me he was in the NHL, and I said, “Ok, and I’m a famous movie star.”  But I did my homework on him, and for anyone that knows me and what I do for a living, I DO my homework.  He totally checks out.

So after several weeks of conversation and texting and basically just playing with me, I laid it out on the line – either we are going to go out for real or he can go fly a kite.  And I pretty much said it like that.  He told me he was home for the season besides some random commitments and would have time.  So I get the random text one Saturday, fortunately on a weekend I didn’t have my kids, “What are you doing later?”  He said he had a golf tournament, but would touch base later in the afternoon.  So I get another text at 5:00, and he gives me a place and tells me to meet him in a half hour.  I was in the middle of a pedicure, and told him 7:30.  I’ll never forget the final words…

NHL Guy: Well maybe next time.

Me: Or maybe not…

Within two minutes, my phone rang.  And boy did I let him have it.  He tried using the “Do you know who I am” bullshit on me, and I said, “I don’t care who you are.”  I ripped him a new one for a minimum 15 minutes because I was so aggravated, and I will give him credit because he sat there and took it.

When he reappeared, I couldn’t believe he remembered me.  But he remembered things going down quite differently as you can see here.




You never know who you are going to meet when you’re out there dating.  We all tend to remember the bad stories, but we forget the good experiences.  NHL guy is not going to be my future husband, but he is definitely not a bad person to know.  When I meet good people, I try to stay on a friendly basis with them.  For example, the timing might not be right now, but you never know what could happen in six months, a year, two years.  They could be good professional contacts in the future.  They could have single friends who might be better for you or vice versa.

Above all, make sure you leave a lasting (positive) impression.




4 thoughts on “Dating Diaries: The NHL Guy

  1. That guy sounds like a PLAY-AH… He sat there and took it because I am sure he was weighing his options – take it and possibly get laid or not take it and FOR SURE not get laid. Guys like that weigh the odds. Not to mention he lied about your first interaction… totally loved you called him a “little shit”. Who cares what he said about you – he is the douche bag…. I totally love your posts, send me an email, somehow cannot find your email address… lol BTW, I’m getting really good at spotting the “Mind Fuckers” (MF).

    • Oh I totally know he’s full of shit. I knew he was from the start. But he’s fun to play with. He probably gets who and what he wants so bugged me for the challenge. But he’s a decent guy and doesn’t mean any harm so it’s all good.

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