Plenty of Fun with POF: Shooting Fish in a Barrel

The playing field in the dating world is hardly equal.  It’s as unfair as if the Bad News Bears were to play my World Champion Boston Red Sox (GO SOX!). 

Poor “Mike” is having no luck.  Actually he got two emails today, and one was from a cute 29 year old blonde who would seemingly have potential.  She is a very natural girl with a warm smile and is just having fun in her pics – no cleavage showing, no pouty fish lips, and no selfies in the bathroom. 

For “Elizabeth” on the other hand, after getting the inbox down to under 40 emails, she didn’t go on for two days and she had 107 new emails.  THIS IS CRAZY!! 

Elizabeth is working it.  For her, dating is like shooting fish in a barrel.  For those of you that don’t know that saying, Wikipedia defines it as “an effortless or simple action, with guaranteed success.”  She could have a date every night of the week for at least the next month if she accepted every proposal she got to go out for coffee, dinner, or really anything she wants.  Here is a typical proposal from “Jeff” – a handsome, 36 year old engineer.

sushi guy

This is too easy.  All Elizabeth has to do is sit back and wait for the invitations to come to her.  NO EFFORT REQUIRED.  Mike is sweating, starting to question why he’s not good enough.  Does he need to be as aggressive as the guys pursing Elizabeth and just ask them out or drop their number before hello?  Is this the online reality for guys?

So I decide Elizabeth is going to put in some effort to see if SHE is the pursuer, what will be the result? I do a search as if I were looking for someone for myself – if I were online, what guy would I email?  I find him with a little effort.  A 38 years old, IT guy, 6’ 1”, nice full head of dark hair, great teeth.  My type any day of the week.  I am going to be aggressive so I shoot him a quick note.

hot air balloon 1

Within SIX EMAILS, he asks me to dinner.  I pursued HIM.  I was hoping he would make this a little hard for me.  So I decide I’m going to push the envelope.  Dinner isn’t good enough, I want something better.  I have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon so I throw it out there. 

hot air balloon 2

He says, “We can do that.”  ARE YOU KIDDING???  FISH IN BARREL FOLKS!  I even point out that it’s expensive, but he’s willing to go. 

hot air ballon 3

Am I missing something?  Has something changed in the online dating world in the last six months?  I have never seen anything like it before.  I don’t ever remember guys being this aggressive.  Is the competition that tough?  I know it’s not because I’m that much of a prize.  Poor Mike is just going to have to get on his game and whip out the plastic if he stands a chance.  I feel immense sympathy for men for the sheer effort they have to put in.

Imagine what I could do to this 26 year old below.  He’d be scarred for life. 



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