Plenty of Fun with POF: Yellow Roses and Spongebob

After deleting over half of the 119 messages I received on my POF profile, I opened it up this morning to find my inbox filled with 151 emails.  This is crazy – but so much fun!!  I love not being myself.  But this gives you a glimpse into what it’s like for a typical woman on these sites. 

My friend recently posted one of those e-cards on my Facebook which said, “I like you enough to temporarily take down my online dating profile.”  I asked her why she posted that on my wall, and she said, “Because you always take your profile down.”  Well folks, this is why.  It’s too much work to sift through 150 profiles and emails to find three or four people interesting and attractive enough to you. 

I collected more than 20 phone numbers today, without asking.  Two guys cut formalities altogether and just told me to text them and readily handed it out.  It’s almost like trick or treating for phone numbers, but you don’t even have to walk around the neighborhood and knock on doors to get the candy. 

Guy Tip 2:  Don’t give your phone number out so readily. It makes you look TOTALLY desperate, and it’s a big turnoff.

I decided today I was going to be a gold digger.  Randomly asking guys where they are going to take me, how much they’re willing to spend, etc.  If a guy asked me out for coffee, I told him I would only consider going out with him if he brought me to a five-star restaurant and he had to send me three options so I could have my choice.  I’m also working on yellow roses and a condo on the beach right now.  I’m continuing to push the needle. Here is an example of one of those conversations.  And note before reading, these are the best of the bunch – very cute, nice profile, good job.



Then there is my favorite guy of the day who I was giving the most ridiculous responses to anything he said.  I read his reply to me this morning and he is THE FUNNIEST IDIOT I have ever seen.  You’re going to love him too…WHAT IS HE SAYING??



I got “hi” guy from yesterday going…that will be a great report for you tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy the conversation.



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