The Truth Behind Tinder: Hookup Heaven

A good male friend “Greg” recently told me that his buddy went on a spree to see how many girls he could “hit” on POF in 30 days.  The final count: 28.  For those of you that are married or in a relationship, your first instinct would probably be to call bullshit.  But folks, this is the wild world of online dating, and sadly, this is a true story.  There is no discrimination on dating sites – they come in all shapes, sizes, and status. 

And this is why I love Tinder.  On, I would have to pay for a monthly subscription to deal with a bunch of guys who portray themselves as one thing when really all they’re looking for is to get into a girl’s pants.  On POF or OK Cupid, it is free, but I would have to spend the time filling out a bunch of useless information that 95% of potential dates don’t read anyway.  They don’t care about my relationship intentions, my level of education, or my hobbies.  All they care about, “Could I have sex with this girl without having to put my beer goggles on?”

Tinder is 100% honest and requires no effort other than downloading the app.  It’s like a candy store of men and women just waiting for their “matches.”  You get a few pictures, and then you click yes or no.  Simple – and I love it.  While you run the risk of getting many matches that are looking solely for a hookup, at least you don’t have the pretense of other dating sites with someone claiming to be seeking a relationship when that is not their true intention (unless you insert the word “sexual” before relationship or “with you and many others” after relationship).

I’ve only been experimenting with this for just over two weeks, and I don’t have enough fingers and toes on my body to count the number of men I have matched with who are just looking for fun while “on business” or “just out of a relationship” or any other innuendo you can think of to say, “I just want someone to spread their legs.”  But it’s real, and it’s open, and it’s candid which I totally appreciate at this point. Here is one example of those conversations with a guy I will refer to as “Daniel”, a nice looking, 35 year old financial professional:




For just one month, I wish I could lose every moral and value my mother ever taught me, think like a guy, and have empty, meaningless sex with attractive strangers.  Do you know how many MAD HOT guys I have turned away in the last two weeks because our intentions are not aligned?  BUT I TOTALLY DIG THE HONESTY on here versus Match, POF or OKC where I find everyone to be FOS (full of shit).  So if you’re looking for casual sex, but don’t want to invest a lot of effort, I highly recommend Tinder.  It is a hookup heaven.  One of my male BFFs validates it after sharing a series of X-rated conversations with me that he has had with women he met through the app.


There is a bright side though.  I have started some conversations with people who are actually interested in going out.  This is no guarantee that they are thinking something will happen at the end of the night (trust me, it won’t), but it’s all a chance you take.  I was tasked with planning an adventure for next Saturday with a seemingly normal guy I’ve been talking with so time to go find something fun to do.  Suggestions are welcome.


5 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Tinder: Hookup Heaven

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  2. When using Tinder I once had a rather candid conversation with a guy who said: “I don’t get women who come to Tinder to find love. Like, are you girls dumb?! Isn’t it completely obvious to you that men are here only to hook up?”

    I didn’t agree with him then, saying that it depends on each person, but… He was right. I since deleted Tinder and go on sites where guys write about who they are, trusting that if they pay and make an effort it gives me a better chance at filtering the very unserious breed out.

    • I agree most guys on Tinder are looking for hookups. But I’ve talked to some very normal people as well. I’ve tried nearly every dating site – including Match, eHarmony, OKC and POF. I’ve become a professional dater. You would think that a guy would be more serious because he pays or takes the time to write about himself, but that’s just smoke in mirrors. They might not be upfront about wanting to hook up, but most are expecting it. Also, I find that on these sites, most are just looking for attention and to complain about how their ex did them wrong. I’ve invested lots of time getting to know people only to end up becoming a therapist to them. That’s why I like Tinder…it’s raw, but you don’t have to invest all the time or money you do on other sites for the same result.

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