Online Dating: To Block or Not to Block

WARNING: Real conversations with the American online dating population enclosed.  Enter at your own risk.

I swear the BLOCK button on online dating sites was the best feature ever invented.  When I had a profile on POF, my block list grew to over 400+.  All I ever heard from my friends was how harsh I was and didn’t give anyone a chance.  Well, it’s been great listening to my single girlfriends lately complain to ME about all the aggravation they are dealing with from online dating.  All I’ve heard myself saying to them the last few weeks is, “I know” – been there, done that. 

I set several rules for myself over the last three years I have been dating.  It’s very simple…one strike and you’re out.  Talk dirty, and you’re blocked.  Call me sexy, and you’re blocked.  Disappear on me and then try contacting me again, you’re blocked.  You get the idea.

But some girls are just plain stupid.  Remember, I have good male friends who date online and tell me EVERYTHING.  They always say girls complain to them that guys send them cock shots.  HELLO, GUYS DON’T JUST SEND COCK SHOTS UNLESS YOU ASK FOR IT.  I have NEVER EVER received a cock shot, and trust me, I have talked to and gone out on dates with more guys than I can even count.  I only ever received it from the one guy (I mean narcissist) I have dated in the last three years, but it was after we had been dating for months.  Big difference.

So let’s see why girls get cock shots.  Here is an example of a screenshot a conversation one of Jay’s female friends received from a guy on Tinder. 

photo 1


photo 2

photo 3

So anyhow, that’s that.  But as for me being harsh, here is a guy I blocked recently.  Why?  Because three sentences in, he already seems to know me so well and knows we are going to have this amazing connection if we meet.  This guy has TOTAL TOOL BAG written all over him.  BLOCK!!  Harsh or not…you be the judge.

Photo 4

photo 5


8 thoughts on “Online Dating: To Block or Not to Block

  1. I have never ever asked for a cock shot, and some guy sent me his groin area shot last night. If his cock was in it, I didn’t see anything.

  2. I agree, it’s a fine line! Some men just send the penis pics willy (no pun intended) nilly. Other times, women will give off a vibe that they’re interested. A lot of the time, it stems from low self esteem- we want the guy to like us, so we amuse them, until we finally get a grip and say enough is enough.” Hopefully, we will get to the point where we say that right off the bat- harsh or not. On my profile, I had a pic of me on an ice sculpture and some guy emailed me, “Did it get you wet? ;)” I stopped communicating and when he asked me why, I told him I didn’t appreciate the innuendo. He tried to defend himself, but they winkey face said it all. In the end, I don’t have time for men like that– moving on! 🙂

  3. So blondie1038 – provide all the normal men that are left, screwed over by a woman they loved for 20 years who one day says I’m not happy. You have worked hard all your life to provide anything and more for your family, never cheated and treated her like a princess even after finding out she has been texting a married man from HS for two years everyday. You are now into the middle if divorce that is tearing you apart mentally, physically and financially – what do you do when you are romanantic and what this completely changed person that you married and where did they go and why would they do it after 25 years? How do you restart dating and trusting another woman again – or do you go out and fool around like the jerks on the sites that is all they want. And if you decide it’s something you need for a little while to get over the dumping – how do you pick out the easy ones for that type of quick one nighter without bring a jerk when you aren’t but need the attention you haven’t had for 3 years?

    • You don’t put you are “seeking a relationship” on your profile. Say you aren’t seeking a committment of any kind. Trust me, you don’t have to try to hard. Most give it up easily. Give them a little attention and you’re in. Or at least that’s what my guy friends tell me. Any woman that has potential to be a “girlfriend”, they know right away and tell me they won’t even try to sleep with them. They say it’s different. I guess you’ll just have to play the field to learn the signals.

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