Are You REALLY Single Like Your Online Profile Claims?

You’re on a dating site, but are you REALLY single?  Do you know how many people that are supposed to be in committed relationships actually have an online dating profile?  A LOT.

I am so disgusted today.  A good friend called me earlier, and she was completely mortified after finding out a guy she had started dating recently was still engaged to the mother of his child.  It made me so angry due to my own personal experience as well as for the thousands of men and women out there who are being had by someone they love and care about and don’t even know it.  What is WRONG with people?

My own personal experience was devastating when the person (I mean emotionally abusive narcissist) that I dated for over a year discarded me like yesterday’s trash without any rhyme or reason.  Just three weeks before the final discard, I had received a gift for Christmas which his young son was so excited to give to me.  He was so proud and told me that he had picked it out all by himself.  Inside was a beautiful card from the narc that read, “Thank you for being such a great person.  I’m so glad we met.  Merry Christmas, Sweetie.  XOXOXO”  Three weeks later, he sent me a picture of him out with his new woman and said, “Happy Birthday.” 

Wait, what happened?  Did I miss something?  No, you didn’t miss anything.  It’s simply just a true story to show how narcissists work.  They “start devaluing the partner while simultaneously idealizing ANOTHER potential partner.”  On New Year’s Eve, I got my “Happy New Year baby xoxo” and ten minutes later, he was on the other woman’s Facebook page commenting on pictures she had posted out with her sister, telling her how “yummy” and “stunning” she was. 

After the birthday incident, I reached out to the woman on Facebook to tell her what was going on, but at this point, it was too late.  She was already completely  enamored with him and had probably already slept with him.  He was probably telling her about me, his “crazy” ex, the whole time he was telling me how much he cared because the response I got from her when I sent her a message saying we were dating and I was just at his house: “You are a psycho.  I will call the cops and get a restraining order on you if you ever contact me again.”  It took something that drastic for me to finally wake up, realize I was dealing with the devil, and claw my way out of the abusive hell I was living. 

Now back to my friend.  She told me today that something about this guy wasn’t sitting right with her so she decided to go on and find his supposed “ex” on Facebook.  The woman had just posted a new profile picture recently and when she looked at the comments, she saw this guy had commented on the picture, “Looking beautiful as always.  I am so grateful that you are all mine.”  It was only TWO DAYS LATER that my friend had gone on her first date with him. 

My friend didn’t know what to do so she asked me if she should contact the woman on Facebook, and WITHOUT HESITATION, I said ABSOLUTELY YES!  So she did just that, and now we await the result.  I said to be prepared for drama, or in my case, I even got threatened to have the cops called on me. 

All I can think of is this poor woman out there who is engaged to this guy and thinks she is living an ideal life while her soon-to-be husband is on Tinder and dating other women.  DISGUSTING!

Girls AND guys:  I am 100% an advocate for stalking a person when something doesn’t seem right.  And I don’t mean stalking in the criminal sense.  I mean stalking in the sense of using Google, Facebook, and any other tools you have at your disposal to ensure someone is who they say they are.  And GOD FORBID you find out someone is in a relationship, or even worse they are engaged or married, PLEASE reach out and tell the person who is being cheated on.  They can choose to do what they want with the information.  BUT IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  In my case, I got threatened with a restraining order, but I have NO REGRETS.  I just hope the “other woman” in my case is smart enough to run away before she gets sucked into a tornado of lies and deceit and cheating and abuse.


6 thoughts on “Are You REALLY Single Like Your Online Profile Claims?

  1. Which instance? In my case, it became a game to catch him in lies. It became a high to me to show him he wasn’t that smart. Although it was always only temporary because then hurt and anger ultimately settled in.

  2. Best advice my divorce attorney ever gave me was to run a background check on any man I am considering a relationship with. I date a guy for 2 months last fall to find out (post-break up) that some poor woman in Florida thought she was still engaged to him the whole time.

  3. I agree it is very important to know who we are dealing with and letting into our lives. Too many ppl think it’s ok to okay around with others’ lives and emotions. That being said, personally, when I see a guy who is likely involved or just not “sticking” to me properly from the get-go (not as enthused/available), then I drop him like a hot potato and forget him quick. If he were to manage to fool me into a relationship of any sort while still being with someone else, I am not sure I would tell that woman because it mostly ends in her not believing and choosing his side. Those guys go for that sort of woman to begin with… Or make her that way with their lies and borderline personality issues.

    • 100% agreed Lolly. I’m totally with you on the “sticking” part. Dating sites have a very dangerous side because it becomes an addiction for some. They find someone who is nearly perfect for them in every way, but there is that one person who might be just slightly more attractive so they keep the good one on the back burner and go with the next only to find out she may have been better looking, but she is a heap of problems. So they try to go back to the first girl, but since then, she has moved on. Guys have told me this, and I have personally experienced it on numerous occasions. A month after not saying two words to you, the guy randomly appears out of nowhere on a Saturday afternoon hoping to pick up where you left off. BLOCK!!

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