My Life with a Narcissist: A Real-Life Conversation

Unless you have ever experienced a narcissist – a spouse, partner, parent, sibling, co-worker – it’s hard to understand.  I have never known a narcissist in my life so I could never comprehend the insanity of it until now.  As a follow-up to my previous blog,  Kids Don’t Lie, here is the actual real-life conversation with the narc, complete with gas lighting, blame shifting, and silent treatment.  






11 thoughts on “My Life with a Narcissist: A Real-Life Conversation

  1. As you know so well, when they are faced with the truth, they will never ever take accountability. Their lies are multi-level. I have to numerous text along the same lines as yours, with an exact situation….best thing to do is walk away! Stop communicating. If your wanting him to acknowledge what he did, you will be waiting forever.

    • Online dating sites are rife with predatory types. Best avoided unless you know what you’re getting into and are prepared for it. I myself have several live profiles in use right now.

  2. I totally love you! I think I have the same text messages as you and know I was going through the same insanity. I could feel the same emotions you were going through. I kinda of felt like you and I dated the same guy…. I’m new to this and I feel overwhelmed with emotion.

    • I’m very new to this as well. I’ve done nothing but educate myself on the topic and just when I think I know it all, I find another resource that validates everything I was feeling and more. It is so hard to explain it to people who haven’t experienced it. They just think you are crazy or stupid. The same way I would have thought if it was someone else going through it and telling me their stories. Please send me a private message if you’d like. We all need the support. 🙂

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